Come and experience the thrill of floating! Experience what life is like for skydivers, experience freefall in safe conditions! The basic package for 1 person includes 2 x 1 minute flights with instructor, equipment and a free video which you can download from our website.

The minimum flight time for one person is 2 x 1 minute, which cannot be shared, but one person can fly more than 2 x 1 minutes. One funflyer and one instructor can be in the channel at the same time. The participants take turns to fly their own flight time.

On site, all basic packages can be complemented with taxi (high flying) and you can even decide during the flight if you want to fly extra laps outside the booked time. 

Children's packages always include taxis if the kids want them to :)

AdAdult basic package (2 x 1 minute): 24.000,- HUF

Adult taxi package (2 x 1 minute): 27.000,- HUF

Children's package for children up to 13 years of age (2 x 1 min), which includes taxi service: 24.000,- HUF

Double package (4 x 1 minute): 48.000,- HUF

Double taxi package ( 4 x 1 minute): 54.000,- HUF

Family package (8 x 1 minute) for up to 4 persons: 96.000,- HUF

Family taxi package (8 x 1 minute) for up to 4 persons: 108.000,- HUF

Big Air package (10 x 2 min) for up to 10 people: 240.000,- HUF 

Big Air Taxi Package (10 x 2 minutes) for up to 10 people: 270.000,- HUF 

Party package (15 x 2 minutes) for up to 15 people : 360.000,- HUF - 

Party taxi package (15 x 2 min) for up to 15 people : 405.000,- HUF - 

For flights of 15 persons - over 30 minutes booking, an individual request for a quote is required and can be sent to!

Sport flight prices:

Only guests who have tried wind tunnel flying (anywhere) or are currently attending AFF instruction are eligible for sport flying.

60 minutes sports package 330.000,- HUF

Coaching: 30.000 HUF/hour - payable on the spot only

Equipment - 3.000,- HUF - Payable only on the spot

Closed helmet : 1.000,- Payable only on the spot

You can get information about our special offers and discounts from our colleagues on the spot.

The amount of the sports packages booked and paid for will not be refunded if the sport flyer decides/requests to withdraw from the programme on the spot, directly at the time of the flight.

In the case of the purchase of our fun flyers, we will refund the amount of the service to the customer on request, subject to the conditions set out in the GTC (within 14 days, without giving any reason), but not beyond that.

Don't get left behind!