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  1. It's all about you! Fun and safety!

    It's all about you! Fun and safety!

    Have you ever wanted to fly? Do you afraid to go in an airplane? Do you get the falling feeling during skydiving? Anyone could enjoy the experience of flying from 5 to 99 years ald without any prior training with professional instructors.
  2. It's important to have a good time! From the age of 5...

    It's important to have a good time! From the age of 5...

    In today's world, one of the most important aspects of living is to feel good by consciously focusing on our environment and ourselves. The harmony and health of our body and soul can only be achieved through the quality of life we live, which is present in our relationships, work and programmes. We contribute to this GOOD LIFE by flying! Choose now!
  3. Restaurant café for body and soul

    Restaurant café for body and soul

    We welcome you to the Skyward kitchen of theSzelet Cofee & More restaurant café. Not only before or after your flight, you can sample our delicious homemade cakes and pizzas baked on the spot! You can drop in anytime for a soul-warming soup, a boost of coffee, or a glass of wine with friends Thursday through Sunday.
  4. Big bang for the BUMM! package!

    Big bang for the BUMM! package!

    With our newest BUMM! package, you can try the most amazing part of flying at an affordable price, just 'HIGH FLY'! With the help of two instructors you can float again and again to the top of the tunnel and back! Isn't that enough? BUMM! you can always add to your package on the spot if you enjoyed the flight. And you will! Reservations by phone only! 06 30 589 0322
  5. Lifetime experience with video

    Lifetime experience with video

    Have you got a bucket list and the flying isn't ready yet? Are you looking for a lifetime experiencefor yourself or for someone else? Do you like to give a gift for birthday, for anniversary or for bachelor party? The best surprice for any occasion! We make the experience unforgettable with video recording, what you can download yourself.

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Are you sport flyer? Or will you be?

Whether you're a pro or a beginner, we'll blow you away!


Are you an experienced skydiver, but can always use a little "dry" training? Are you just starting skydiving and want to practice the basics in safe conditions? Are you preparing for a competition? Do you want to improve faster in the air and perfect your moves with us?

You don't need to skydive to become an athlete with us! Windtunnelling is now a sport in its own right, with zero skydives we have serious athletes all over the world. So much so that we have a world champion in Máté Feith. Come regularly and, with the help of our instructors, you'll be moving in the wind like a moth under a bottle.

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Anyone who has been to Skyward knows which way the wind blows

I really didn't think it would be such a great experience! I only came because I got it as a gift, but it takes everything now! It was an experience I didn't know I could do without. Now I know!
Attila Dávid 29, Budapest

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Adrenaline freaks who live their passion

Adrenaline freaks who live their passion

Did you know that wind tunnel instructors get paid for doing what they are mad about? And did you know that once you try it, you know it too and you always want to be in the wind? Of course, our instructors spend years learning how to move perfectly in the wind and how to keep you safe. But you can always come and fly without any training. We'll blow out the tangled thoughts, we'll move the numb bones and you'll come out of the wind a new man. Because if you could choose to wind tunnel or not, you're just wondering when...

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value of women

value of women

We hadn't planned it, but it just so happened that in our workplace community, we have a majority of women. And it's not because we are stereotypically female, it's because we are! Wind tunnelling used to be much more testosterone-fuelled - much like
5 Sexiest male sports!

5 Sexiest male sports!

Jerseys bulging with muscle? Shiny male bodies? Sports coverage overloaded with testosterone? Is the real reason for women's cheerleading the MEN themselves? We've rounded up the 5 sexiest male sports!

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